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WDBC Partners with Lincoln Park “Paws”itive Perks

The West Duluth Business Club has partnered with Lincoln Park Middle School to support  their Lincoln Park “Paws”itive Perks Program.

The “Paws”itive Perks Program is:

  • A positive behavior intervention program developed to increase academic performance, school attendance, behavior, and overall interest in school by “rewarding” successful school performance in these areas.
  • Creates an atmosphere of high achievement for all and an excitement about school because of the recognition received for positive behavior and academics.
  • Encourages students who are “straddling the line” to choose to increase their positive experiences at school rather than engage in negative behaviors and/or academic performance.
  • Allows for students who consistently achieve at a high level to be recognized for that hard work and continue to achieve at a high level.
  • Criteria—
    • 2.0 GPA
    • No in school or out of school suspensions
    • No “D’s” or “F’s” on their report card
    • No more than one behavior referral (If a major can be excluded from the program)
    • No “U’s” in conduct and no more than one “N” in conduct.

Each quarter the students who meet the above will be treated to a field trip, with an end of the year trip to Valley Fair (this will be for students who meet criteria for ALL 3 prior quarters). There are also quarterly recognition ceremonies for these Pawsitive Perk students, Honor and Merit Roll students, and those students with exemplary attendance.

We are hoping to seek the support of local businesses and agencies to “sponsor” these events. As a school we have minimal funds to create these rewards for our high achieving students. But the benefit to “sponsorship” will go well beyond simply financial support. With Lincoln Park identified as a community school, our hope is to connect our students with our local businesses and begin the transformation of our high achieving students wanting to stay and work in their home community. Our plan is to emphasize the “sponsorship” of their trips is to create an interest in local businesses, which in turn will create interest in our students who may want to seek employment in local businesses during and after high school or college. We also hope to create a partnership between local businesses and our school to offer students an opportunity to learn more about the businesses in their neighborhoods through tours, mentorship, or student volunteer opportunities. Developing interest and pride within our students for their local community will have a lasting ripple effect that will benefit all who work and reside within the Lincoln Middle School attendance area.

If you or your business is interested in participating in the program,  please contact:

John Nachtsheim, MSW
School Social Worker
Lincoln Park Middle School
3215 W 3rd St, Duluth, MN 55806
218-336-8880 x3358
218-336-8894 (fax)