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Join us for a Phase 2 Vision Session

After summarizing the input from the first session, the WDBC board visioning group drafted and approved the Development Forum Vision Statement as follows:

West Duluth offers its residents a unique quality of life and is home to a variety of successful businesses in a vibrant retail, dining, and entertainment district of historic buildings located in a distinctive area that promotes walkability.  Residents celebrate the beautiful outdoor recreation opportunities provided by its location in the heart of Spirit Valley, near the St. Louis River Estuary and Spirit Mountain, and they support multiple local events which inspire community connectivity.

If you were able to attend our first session, please bring your notes.  If you were not able to attend the first session, we hope you are able to join us with your thoughts and inspiration for the second session!
At the second session, we will be exploring our defined obstacles to success and strategizing how to overcome those obstacles.

Please join us in this very important effort to move forward with bringing economic development to our area!

The agenda is below and we hope to see you soon!

Vision Forum Session 2
5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, May 3, 2022 – Mr. D’s Banquet Room

Purpose: To create a shared vision of what we want our business and economic development efforts to establish in West Duluth. The West Duluth Business and Civic Club has adopted its vision statement, based on the ideas and responses received at our first development forum meeting as stated above. The agenda for the 2nd session is as follows:

1.      Recap – quick review of the notes from the first session
a.      Vision statement
b.      Notes
c.      Obstacles 

2.      Strategies—we will look at our top five obstacles and identify potential strategies to overcome them. Top obstacles identified:
a.     Our partnership with the city needs to be revived and strengthened
b.     Leaders are burned out and can’t make progress without vision/plan
c.     Building owners/other key stakeholders haven’t been engaged sufficiently to make change
d.     Resources are scarce, especially when visitors might not believe in opportunities
e.     Historically, West Duluth has been an undervalued part of the community

3.      Identify community partners needed for each strategy

4. Next Steps