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Melvin Stelten Good Citizenship Award

Melvin Stelton

The West Duluth Business Club would like to announce the beginning of a new West Duluth tradition…an award of recognition to ACKNOWLEDGE those individuals or Businesses whose SPIRIT OF GOODNESS makes West Duluth a warm and welcoming place to be.

Melvin Stelten was a gentleman who lived at Wesley Assisted living for the last nine years of his life. He was a paragon of our community because he was kind hearted and loved to joke around with everyone; he loved the outdoors and walked for miles every day in West Duluth in order help keep the area clean and return stray grocery carts back to the correct businesses. Melvin passed away January 2016 and the West Duluth Business Club would like to recognize his contribution to our community.

The Melvin Stelten Good Citizenship Award is the West Duluth Business Club’s way to remember how daily small acts of good deeds help make West Duluth a welcoming place. We encourage you to notice and nominate additional outstanding citizens in our community for recognition with this award. Contact us to make a nomination.